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" My fiancé and I signed up for a class with Mindy in an attempt to make memorable invitations for our upcoming wedding. The results and the experience were both nothing short of spectacular. I'd recommend Studio on the Square for anyone and everyone that has an interest in movable type and just the old ways of setting type and laying things out by hand. " - Rob B. & Jen W. (DIY Wedding Invitations)

"I have been a regular attendee since 2005 and can think of no one as dedicated as Mindy Belloff is to helping neophyte letterpress students realize their artistic vision. She generously shares her time and expertise, her small studio and big mama of a press (Vandercook, Universal III) with all who come through her door and is especially encouraging to young (and older) artists and design students who are serious about learning letterpress printing and related practices." - Pam M.

"Mindy is hands down the best instructor I've ever had. She starts at the very beginning (literally) in the Intro To Letterpress class and by the end of the night I'd set type and run the press. The fact that classes are small and intimate allows for tons of individual attention and Mindy's ability to teach while having you think for yourself made me retain what I was learning and feel like I had accomplished something on my own. I can't recommend Studio On The Square enough, Mindy's knowledge and skill in book arts and printing coupled with her teaching style have me hooked on printing and hungry for more. Anyone interested in learning this dying art should start here and look no further. " - Sarah S. (Letterpress Printing)

"Thank you for a wonderful workshop. It was exactly what I needed to put my thinking and ideas into some context. You balanced the practical and theoretical very well.  It was so inspiring, that it started my wheels spinning." - Hannah

"It's so great to hear from you and get these pictures.  I've been talking about Letterpress nonstop.  Thank you so much!  You are a wonderful teacher and I'll never look at the printed word the same way again."  - Natasha

"Last night was so much fun. Thanks to you I have the bug again. You are so good and inspirational with your teaching. Such a great opportunity to use a working press." - Amy G. (Introduction to Letterpress Printing)

"The class was great! I was immediately put at ease and I came home with an edition of four books of text and image in a one day course! With Mindy's guidance, I produced a book that really surprised me in terms of content, form and aesthetic." - Terri M. (Printing without a Press)

"What a terrific course! My head is still spinning--in a good way. I can't tell you how satisfying it was to make the book structures...and working on the "automatic" Vandercook...and seeing the words of my novel made flesh. Your book collection sent so much going off in my head. Even the "mistakes" I made in printing have opened whole new worlds to me. I admire tremendously what you have been able to do with the studio. What a resource! I am in awe of the specialized knowledge you have been able to amass, and the individual care you are able to give all your students. Your class was a warm bath--and I mean that in a good way! I will be attending future classes in the new year." - Jim E. (Intro to Artist's Books: Understanding & Planning Your Edition with Mindy Belloff)

"I really love your set-up and look forward to taking more classes there! I LOVED letterpress printing. I thought the workshop was extraordinary, and I certainly appreciate all the extra help you provided." - Pam M. (Miniature Book Edition)

"It was beyond fabulous !!!!!! What a great group of fun people. We all did amazing stuff, too and Joseph was suberb!!!!" - C. (Book Restoration)

"We accomplished so much. Joseph is a truly gifted and extraordinary teacher. Both of us are bitten by the restoration bug." - Julie H. (Restoration Marathon)

"Thanks again for the best launch into the world of books I could have hoped for!" - Pam A. (History of the Book)

"Yes, it was a wonderful, exhausting, intense on many levels, full of positive energy and supportive hard work. Joseph is a fabulous teacher and human being, and I feel so fortunate to have met him. Thank you for organizing it". - Martina D. (Restoration Marathon)

"I really enjoyed the workshop and am planning a broadside using the same material." -Cecile K. (Miniature Book Edition)

"Thanks so much for a great day yesterday. You are a great teacher and your studio is a wonderful place to work. Thanks again," - Lane M. (Printing without a Press with Mindy Belloff)

"THANK YOU for such a wonderful class. And, also for creating such a warm, non-competitve printing experience. It's just what I needed . . ." - I.G. (Linocut Edition)

"I enjoyed the class tremendously & I'm hoping to take another class soon." - Catherine E. (Printing without a Press)

"I've taken two classes at this studio and it is really fantastic. The classes are small, extremely hands-on and very well structured. Mindy is both tremendously knowledgable and provides a fun, comfortable, and safe space to learn new things in. The studio is both impressive and immaculate. It is a wonderful place to learn letterpress, or any of the other print and bookmaking topics offered through the course catalog. I highly recommend it. " - Marianne P.

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